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It all started when I was a teenager facing the question, “what am I going to do as a career?”, and I had no idea.  Then I came across a program at Georgian College for Fashion Merchandising.  This was intriguing to me as it covered all the material I needed to know in order to understand the fashion business and to open my own store. Once I graduated I had a mission and I knew that one day I would put all that education to good use. As the years went by I worked in many different fields of retail, mens wear, ladies wear, camping & outdoor supplies, hospitality, and of course footwear. Along the way I got married and had two beautiful daughters.  It was in my late 40’s when my husband came to me and said “maybe we should change things up a bit and you should open your store”.  Well that was music to my ears and it was full steam ahead.  I knew I wanted it to be in Kemptville, and I knew what I wanted it to look like, as I had been planning it for years. So many times during our travels I would visit the small towns and see what kind of boutiques they had.  That is were you could find the unique and different items as well as the friendly atmosphere I loved. It was my vision to bring all of those experiences together in one special place. So hear I finally am with my own cozy, comfortable store full of exciting things and that feels like home. Now I’m pleased to welcome old and new friends to explore my fine selection of quality clothing and a few other interesting items to compliment their wardrobes and enhance their lives.


Jac's Boutique
2727 County Rd #43
Unit #5
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0


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